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Babushka artwork

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I love creating bold, playful and colorful images inspired by nature and animals. Many of my prints are particularly suited to nurseries, children’s rooms and those young-at-heart.

Each of my prints begins as a small sketch. I often use tracing paper to flip images around and try different compositions – I love symmetry and patterns! After transferring the final image to the block I carve it by hand with carving tools. Next I’ll either print on a relief or etching press depending on what’s available at the print studio. Although some of my prints are black and white; others have colour added with combinations of watercolour paint, paper or thread.

I am very proud that Naykii’s prints are original artworks (not reproductions) and I hope will be treasured and perhaps passed on to the next generation. All my original prints are limited editions and no more will be available once they are sold out. Each print is signed, editioned and has the title written in pencil beneath the image.

The print will be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and mailed in a sturdy tube. Please note that the tube itself is not acid-free so prints should not be stored in it for a prolonged period of time.

Additional information
Edition Title

The fountain animals watching


Gomuban print, hand-colored with watercolors

Edition Size




Image Size

28cm x 35.4cm / 11.02” x 13.94” 

Paper Size

38cm x 47.8cm/ 14.96” x 18.82”


Magnani Portofino 

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